custom designed

Guest Room Attendant Carts

How it started.

Over 20 years ago we were asked to meet / design / develop, a Guest Room Attendant cart for a large hotel chain.  On board was Senior Management from the Resort Chain, The President of the Hotel Casino, Design Team, Purchasing, Senior Vice President of Housekeeping and Public Areas, Supervisors, Guest Room Attendants, Engineering / Maintenance, and a couple of my team at “Innovations Manufacturing & Distributing”.

The purpose of the meeting.

Design a cart that everyone could be happy with.  Ownership and Senior Management wanted a new look with a seamless fit in the design and aesthetics of the guest corridors.  Purchasing wanted competitive pricing and a long product life.  Senior Management wanted to keep everyone happy without increasing FTE’s (full time employees).  Supervisors wanted standard cart functionality because it “just” worked, but needed organizational changes.  Guest Room Attendants wanted carts that held more “but”, easier to push.  Engineering and Maintenance wanted carts that could be repaired easily so they maintained a nice look throughout the product life, and would help reduce wall covering damage.

The result.

is used at Hotels and Resorts across the country.  Not a “Perfect Cart”, but a “Perfect Cart Line” easily customizable to suit any need.  Choose the size, capacity, functionality, and design you need, contact us with a list of your needs and/or challenges.

Carts ship fully assembled and ready for use, a freight estimate can be done once we know your option and quantity needs.

meet your specific needs

Create Your Ideal Cart

Things to consider before you order your new cart.

  • Do you have dimensional restrictions?
  • What are your Budget restraints?
  • Would a Top Organizer help?
  • Do you need a 4” Drawer?
  • How about Printed Collateral Shelves? (Stop throwing away expensive printed materials?)
  • Need a Vacuum Bracket?
  • Are you wanting a Motor Drive?
  • Glassware: Do you need an Under Deck Glass Rack Storage area?
  • What works for “your” Hotel?
  • RA-1 Standard Cart 30” Wide Storage Area (color Victorian Lace)
  • RA-1EX Large Cart with 39” Wide Storage Area (color Victorian Lace), this cart can get heavy when fully loaded and frequently purchased with a motor.
  • Printed Back Panel included on all of our carts / remembering that Guest Corridors are also Public Areas, think about what your cart should look like (some projects may require a small art set up fee). We print directly on the back of the cart on 1/8” Polystyrene. You may want to use the same look as the Vinyl on your guest corridors, or advertise your Spa or Restaurant.