H322339 Horticulture Cart

Horticulture/Transport Cart

Item # H322339

Approximate Dimensions 39 x 23 x 39” Tall

Originally designed as a horticulture cart, it is capable of holding buckets, arrangements or cut flowers inside. The top is perfect as a work space, or perhaps for floral delivery. We have found scores of other needs for this handy open transport cart as well. This cart is a beautiful as it is functional. The top is an attractive Sealed Acrylic Tray. An external storage area under the handle for supplies or anything else you may need. The laminate we install will be determined by your design needs.

  • Solid Brass Handles
  • Heavy Duty Serviceable Casters
  • Gray Non-Marking 6 x 2 inch wheels
  • Open Storage
  • Powder Coat: Copper Vein
  • Laminate: To Be Determined