H322342 26x18 Tray Cart

26 x 18 Tray/Transport Cart

Item # H322342

Approximate Dimensions 39 x 23 x 42” Tall

Original design was for transporting 26 x 18” Food Trays, but we have customers moving much more. This turned out to be a great idea for those who don’t always need the shelf in the same place. There are 9 tray mounts to create dozens of transport options easily, or don’t put any trays in and utilize the open space. This cart is extremely functional and lovely as it hauls “stuff” through crowed public areas. The laminate we install will be determined by your design needs.

  • Solid Brass Handles
  • Heavy Duty Serviceable Casters
  • Gray Non-Marking 6 x 2 inch wheels
  • Open Storage
  • Trays Not Included
  • Powder Coat: Copper Vein
  • Laminate: To Be Determined