R-Custom Refrigerator Carts

Refrigerator Carts

Item # R-Custom Refrigerator Carts

R-Custom Dimensions: To Be Determined (built to fit your compact refrigerator)

Innovations Manufacturing was contacted by a large hotel that had a small refrigerator sent to a room by request, and a possibly fatal accident occurred when a small child almost tipped over the plastic cart. We were asked to solve the potential safety issue by manufacturing a compact refrigerator cart to be rolled to the room and left (the compact refrigerator stays in the cart). It turned out there were less back injuries as well for Hotel Team Members. These carts provide utility, safety, all with an aesthetic appeal. The laminate will be determined by your design needs.

  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Gray Non-Marking 4 inch wheels
  • Easily Customized
  • Laminate: To Be Determined