U432348 Utility Cart

Utility Cart

Item # U432348 Public Area Utility Cart

Approximate Dimensions 43 x 23 x 48” Tall

This Public Area Utility Cart, designed for heavier cleaning and light maintenance. There are 2 storage areas inside the doors, keeping cleaning products out of sight, and a compartment for broom & dustpan below the handle. A small ladder will fit into the compartment at the front of the cart (held upright with the eye-bolts and a heavy bungee provided). The lid opens to a tray perfect for tools, light bulbs, etc… The laminate will be determined by your design needs.

  • Solid Brass Handles
  • Heavy Duty Serviceable Casters
  • Gray Non-Marking 6 x 2 inch wheels
  • Powder Coat: Copper Vein
  • Laminate: To Be Determined